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Mt. Olivet UMC of Taylor, MO invites everyone to “End of Summer Gathering”

Family-centered, outdoor event will begin at 5:30 pm with a free bbq dinner

Mt. Olivet, UMC of Taylor, MO invites everyone to their “End of Summer Gathering” on Sunday, August 25. This special, family-centered, outdoor event will begin at 5:30 pm with a free bbq dinner. Hamburgers, hot dogs, side dishes, drinks, and dessert will be provided.

A concert featuring “Folk Mountain Gospel” will follow the dinner at approximately 6:30 pm. “Weather permitting both the dinner and the concert will be held in the pavilion located behind the church,” stated Pastor Steve Martin.

80 Psaltery & Lyre: Deja Earley, “And I Remember He's My Father”

She has received honors in several writing contests, including the 2008 Joan Johnson Award in poetry,and the 2004-2005 Parley A. and Ruth J. Christensen Award. She was awarded first place in the 2011 Eugene England Memorial Personal Essay Contest, and she had several poems included in Fire in the Pasture. Deja Earley’s poems, fiction, and essays have previously appeared or are forthcoming in journals like  Arts and Letters ,  Borderlands , and  Utne Reader. She completed a PhD in English and Creative Writing at the University of Southern Mississippi and she now lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Singer songwriter Anna Shannon to play Moonbeams

  1. Her work Night was originally composed in 1996, and was later revised with a richer orchestration scored for voices and an unusual ensemble of instruments that includes saxophones, synthesizer, bowed psaltery, and a variety of percussion instruments.
  2. I am really enjoying learning the accordion, and I've just bought a gorgeous bowed psaltery (a stringed instrument of the zither family). “Chapel Guitars” (based at Ebberston) have also let me have a superb soprano guitar. I love whistles when I am
  3. Pelon herself will sing and play a variety of ancient and modern instruments, including Kiowa courting flute, eagle bone flute, recorders, pennywhistles, archlute, crumhorn, schreierpfeife, cornamuse, gemshorn, bowed psaltery, concertina, guitar and