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A Korean Destiny: An Introduction to Korean Traditional Instruments ...

, But I was not included in the video since the TV. crew filmed the day time class and I was part of the evening class. The pictures you see here were recovered from my phone, but the videos are sadly, all gone. Actually, I took lots of pictures and videos, but I accidentally deleted all the files on my phone. There is a specific way to hold the mallet. Holding the mallet in a downward. If I ever have a chance to retake the class, I will be sure to show you some videos. next to the wooden mallet for support. The mallet is made from the root of a bamboo tree. around the mallet handle.

Sfinks Mixed 2014 - donderdag

  1. Su rock experimental, pesado y melódico, al que arriman instrumentos de la tradición musical de su país, como el haegeum (artefacto de cuerda que se toca con arco), el piri (una suerte de oboe) y el geomungo (de la familia de las cítaras), fue otro
  2. De band brengt een mix van metal en punk met traditionele Koreaanse muziek en gebruikt daarbij een reeks typisch Koreaanse instrumenten als de haegeum (traditionele tweesnarige viool), de piri (een dubbelriet aerofoon) of de geomungo (zessnarige