FAQ: Haegeum?

FAQI saw a couple of pictures of and watching some videos of it were and I was curious.
It seems to be Korean in origin.

'Peace & Piano Festival' melds diverse set of genres

This is a part of Jeokbyeokga from Korea's storytelling and singing tradition called pansori.
However, this pansori performance doesn't just feature the traditional Korean string music instrument called the haegeum, but also four pianists playing melodies from Beethoven sonatas.
Ahn Yi-ho, who's been singing pansori for nearly 20 years says, he was amazed by the performance.

"I think it's very interesting to see how these two totally different music genres, which are at the pinnacle of their own spheres, can meet up and match so well."

This collaboration

A Korean Destiny: An Introduction to Korean Traditional Instruments ...

, But I was not included in the video since the TV. crew filmed the day time class and I was part of the evening class. The pictures you see here were recovered from my phone, but the videos are sadly, all gone. Actually, I took lots of pictures and videos, but I accidentally deleted all the files on my phone. There is a specific way to hold the mallet. Holding the mallet in a downward. If I ever have a chance to retake the class, I will be sure to show you some videos. next to the wooden mallet for support. The mallet is made from the root of a bamboo tree. around the mallet handle.

Review: Korean Heavy Metal Band Jambinai's Album 'Difference' Is A Wonderful ...

  1. I have also seen samgomu, a style of three-drum dance, and the concept of drumming and dance is just spectacular. I like the sound of the haegeum. - You said you pursue an organic style and are inspired by nature. What do you mean? - Some things cannot 
  2. The group, who performed earlier last week at the Austin, Texas-based music festival South By Southwest, combines progressive experimental metal with traditional Korean instruments like the geomungo and haegeum. Gosh, it sounds good together.
  3. These days, I am addicted to one song: “Biikryeonri” by haegeum performer Ccotbyel. The haegeum is a violin-like traditional East Asian stringed instrument and the sounds created by the instrument in the song embrace so many emotions. I recommend all