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A Korean Destiny: An Introduction to Korean Traditional Instruments ...

, But I was not included in the video since the TV. crew filmed the day time class and I was part of the evening class. The pictures you see here were recovered from my phone, but the videos are sadly, all gone. Actually, I took lots of pictures and videos, but I accidentally deleted all the files on my phone. There is a specific way to hold the mallet. Holding the mallet in a downward. If I ever have a chance to retake the class, I will be sure to show you some videos. next to the wooden mallet for support. The mallet is made from the root of a bamboo tree. around the mallet handle.

Foreigners learn traditional Korean music

  1. Some participants took classes on the geomungo (Korean six-string zither) or haegeum (fiddle-like Korean stringed instrument). The geomungo class was added to the workshop at the request of the participants who are interested in the unique instrument.
  2. Inside a classroom at the National Gugak Center in Seocho-dong, Seoul, on Friday, a group of people sit upright and cross-legged on the hardwood floor, bringing out melodies with traditional Korean instruments such as the gayageum and haegeum.
  3. Enjoy Korean music with a fresh twist at the 2014 Yeowoorak Festival from July 4 to 26. The annual Korean music festival is ready to jazz up summer nights with a protean side of Korean music at the National Theater of Korea (NTOK), located half-way up