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A Korean Destiny: An Introduction to Korean Traditional Instruments ...

, But I was not included in the video since the TV. crew filmed the day time class and I was part of the evening class. The pictures you see here were recovered from my phone, but the videos are sadly, all gone. Actually, I took lots of pictures and videos, but I accidentally deleted all the files on my phone. There is a specific way to hold the mallet. Holding the mallet in a downward. If I ever have a chance to retake the class, I will be sure to show you some videos. next to the wooden mallet for support. The mallet is made from the root of a bamboo tree. around the mallet handle.

Fall heritage program at KECLA offers cultural classes

  1. You can think of sinawe as an ensemble consisting of haegeum (a two-string instrument resembling a fiddle), geomungo (a six-string instrument), gayageum and drums playing an impromptu performance together. Because it's impromptu, you'll be able to feel 
  2. Among the Saturday classes offered are traditional Korean dance, Taekwondo, paper folding, baduk, Korean folk songs and the science of Korean history, as well as music classes that teach traditional instruments like samulnori, haegeum and gayageum, 
  3. Chuseok, one of the country's largest national holidays, has begun, but most people will be busy on Monday - the main day of the harvest celebration holiday - as mothers will be busy flipping jeon, (a pancake-like dish that's a holiday staple) while