FAQ: Berimbau?

FAQI can not live in a tropical climate like Brazil, but I want to play berimbau without risking cracking the verga so quickly.

A: It is. It does not dry out as fast as other wood.

Research with Dr. Greg Beyer on the Berimbau | My life as an NIU ...

 Greg and I have set a schedule where we each compose a new piece each semester for the instrument: we began with a duet, this semester I finished composing a trio, and then in future semesters we will compose quartets, quintets, and sextets, that...  Since then, he has commissioned composers for berimbau pieces, composed himself, and has used the berimbau in numerous musical contexts outside of capoeira, but with the traditions in mind. This project began with Greg’s own studies that he has done on the instrument, which was the subject of his doctoral thesis at Manhattan School of Music.  In his studies, Dr. Beyer created “Arcomusical,” which is his own publishing company and lifelong project.

Photo: Kamon Lilly's Beautiful and Natural Creations

  1. Next Thursday evening, April 24, the NIU School of Music hosts a program featuring the berimbau. An original cycle of music for the Afro-Brazilian instrument ranging from solos to sextets will be performed. Greg Beyer is the director of the NIU
  2. Photo: Kamon Lilly's Beautiful and Natural Creations. Click image to enlarge. 1 of 1. 'Berimbau' by Kamon Lilly. 'Berimbau' is one of many Native-themed works by Kamon Lilly of Arizona. (Kamon Lilly). Photo: Kamon Lilly's Beautiful and Natural
  3. The music is a cycle of 12 berimbau chamber works, six composed by Lamb and six by NIU School of Music professor Greg Beyer. Lamb and Beyer began collaborating in the spring of 2013 under the auspices of the Undergraduate Artistry and Research