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FAQ: Berimbau?

FAQI can not live in a tropical climate like Brazil, but I want to play berimbau without risking cracking the verga so quickly.

A: It is. It does not dry out as fast as other wood.

$30M poured into research at NIU last year

Rigg, who was recently promoted to vice president for research at Northern Illinois University, sees people living by that notion daily.

Almost $30.7 million was poured into research projects at NIU last year. The money comes from various federal and state agencies such as the National Science Foundation, and the Illinois Department of Public Health, as well as corporations such as Lisle-based truck and enginemaker Navistar.

As for what those projects are, Rigg said pick a topic or place and an NIU researcher would likely be found. The university boasts the foremost Antarctic submarine research program, a graduate student who discoverd that young triceratops traveled in herds, and renowned poets.

Research with Dr. Greg Beyer on the Berimbau | My life as an NIU ...

 Greg and I have set a schedule where we each compose a new piece each semester for the instrument: we began with a duet, this semester I finished composing a trio, and then in future semesters we will compose quartets, quintets, and sextets, that...  Since then, he has commissioned composers for berimbau pieces, composed himself, and has used the berimbau in numerous musical contexts outside of capoeira, but with the traditions in mind. This project began with Greg’s own studies that he has done on the instrument, which was the subject of his doctoral thesis at Manhattan School of Music.  In his studies, Dr. Beyer created “Arcomusical,” which is his own publishing company and lifelong project.

GSHOW - Huck visita Centro Cultural Berimbau Arte, em Camaçari na Bahia

  1. Projeto Arcomusical refers to a culmination of compositions, performances, and collaborations of music for the Afro-Brazilian berimbau between Greg Beyer and NIU percussion studio senior Alexis Lamb. Arcomusical literally means “musical bow,” and this 
  2. Neste sábado, dia 28, o Caldeirão do Huck inicia nova temporada do quadro Um Por Todos, Todos Por Um, que traz histórias de pessoas que realizam ações individuais para o benefício coletivo, mesmo com carência de recursos. O protagonista da vez é 
  3. Sena took up the single-string percussion berimbau and coaxed infectious sounds to the crowd's delight. The faster the berimbau played, the swifter the capoeirista moved. Dancer Jair Pereira took flight, leaping, tumbling, and then he was on his hands