FAQ: Berimbau?

FAQI can not live in a tropical climate like Brazil, but I want to play berimbau without risking cracking the verga so quickly.

A: It is. It does not dry out as fast as other wood.

Research with Dr. Greg Beyer on the Berimbau | My life as an NIU ...

 Greg and I have set a schedule where we each compose a new piece each semester for the instrument: we began with a duet, this semester I finished composing a trio, and then in future semesters we will compose quartets, quintets, and sextets, that...  Since then, he has commissioned composers for berimbau pieces, composed himself, and has used the berimbau in numerous musical contexts outside of capoeira, but with the traditions in mind. This project began with Greg’s own studies that he has done on the instrument, which was the subject of his doctoral thesis at Manhattan School of Music.  In his studies, Dr. Beyer created “Arcomusical,” which is his own publishing company and lifelong project.

Angie On Three Albums That Changed Her Life

  1. A cantora, que está desfilando fantasiada de Nossa Senhora da Música, disse que o berimbau é para homenagear todos os artistas baianos. "Hoje estou vestida de Maria.Maria da Música", disse Daniela Mercury. Já os foliões 'freiras' foram convidados
  2. Saudades comes at you like a slow wave. I didn't quite jump to it right away. There's something magical about this LP. It's a combination of voice samples, Berimbau and percussion that are so precisely articulated, with melodies and rhythms I cannot
  3. A significant presence in the conference is that of the the Afro-Brazillian musical bow the berimbau, the calabash-resonated musical bow closely associated with capoeira, the worldwide popular physical game-dance-martial art that resulted from the