FAQ: Berimbau?

FAQI can not live in a tropical climate like Brazil, but I want to play berimbau without risking cracking the verga so quickly.

A: It is. It does not dry out as fast as other wood.

Research with Dr. Greg Beyer on the Berimbau | My life as an NIU ...

 Greg and I have set a schedule where we each compose a new piece each semester for the instrument: we began with a duet, this semester I finished composing a trio, and then in future semesters we will compose quartets, quintets, and sextets, that...  Since then, he has commissioned composers for berimbau pieces, composed himself, and has used the berimbau in numerous musical contexts outside of capoeira, but with the traditions in mind. This project began with Greg’s own studies that he has done on the instrument, which was the subject of his doctoral thesis at Manhattan School of Music.  In his studies, Dr. Beyer created “Arcomusical,” which is his own publishing company and lifelong project.

Presidente do FMI toca berimbau, participa de roda de capoeira e encara ...

  1. Narisetti, sponsored by the Ohio University Libraries of Athens and making her first trip to the national Bee, not only correctly spelled the words berimbau and tortoni during Wednesday's second and third rounds, but she also scored an outstanding
  2. Em meio a intensas disputas no Congresso para aprovar as medidas propostas pelo governo federal para equilibrar as contas públicas, a diretora-gerente do FMI (Fundo Monetário Internacional), Christine Lagarde, saiu em defesa do ajuste fiscal nessa 
  3. Gorette Brandão, Agência Senado - A Comissão de Educação, Cultura e Esporte (CE) aprovou nesta terça-feira (19) projeto de lei que reconhece o caráter educacional e formativo da capoeira e autoriza escolas públicas e privadas da educação básica a